Why Oorvi?

Oorvi in Sanskrit Language means ‘Earth’ and we pledge to do our bit to save Planet Earth.

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Our Objectives

To bring about a Social change, a Mindset change, a Lifestyle change

To make our planet healthy and safe for future generations

To eliminate Single use /disposable plastics which are having a catastrophic impact on the biodiversity of our planet

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"Want to find out how you can do your bit for our planet?"

Join us in our campaign #MyBitForMyPlanet and do your bit for our planet. Show our planet that you care and become a Green Champion. Just a small change in your lifestyle/attitude and a consistent effort to influence those you are connected to, could make our planet healthy and safe for future generations.

Do you have an environment friendly achievement which you want to share?

Created something which is sustainable and eco-friendly?

Been a part of an innovative idea which could protect our environment?

Or something as simple as you have resolved to use the bicycle one a day a week?

Have organised an eco-friendly birthday party for your child?

Decided to only drive an electric or hybrid car?

Given up any drink sold in plastic bottles?………the list could go on and the ideas could be inexhaustible.

Send us your experience/ story/ pictures which we will share with our community via social media. Your story could motivate and inspire many others. We need your help to build this Earth-friendly community